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Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner 30mL

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Introducing the new 30ml Clear Polishing Drops from Dark Crystal Glass. This new, smaller bottle of their revolutionary glass cleaning solution will quickly and easily clean your warm quartz bangers after a sesh to help maintain the integrity and appearance of your concentrate nail. The polishing drops also work well on glass, ceramic, acrylic, and standard non-colored titanium surfaces to help remove any leftover gunk and carbon buildup. The dripper tip provides precise application for smaller smoking accessories and is ideal for cleaning vape tanks, coils, and atomizer pieces. Made from 100% plant-based and renewable sources, this cleaning solution is non-toxic, phosphate-free, odorless, and comes in a convenient and pocket-sized ready-to-use dropper tip bottle. Shop our selection of bong and dab rig cleaning solution products from Dark Crystal Glass at Aqua Lab Technologies today. 

Glass Cleaner Features:

  • Smaller 30ml bottle design
  • Dripper tip for precise application
  • Perfect for cleaning warm quartz bangers
  • Safe for glass, ceramic, acrylic, and non-colored titanium
  • Remove dripper tip to dip your q-tip in the solution
  • Ideal for cleaning vape pen tanks, coils, and atomizers
  • Made from 100% plant-based materials
  • Contains no phosphates and is non-toxic
  • The cleaning solution is odorless
  • Derived from renewable sources
  • The product is safe for the ozone layer
  • Easy, and ready to use dropper bottle
  • Complete height: 3.5 inches
  • Made in Canada