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Blade Pocket Dabber

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The Mystic Timber Blade with Pocket handle is our long handle T2 titanium Blade tip mounted on the two inch pocket handle. It is more compact than the long handle yet still versatile and hand friendly.

Building out from our signature oval vents (which increase surface area around our tips) is the 20 mm flat blade, tapered to shed concentrate quick and clean. The unique sharp-round blade tip is ideal for cutting slabs or sheets. The round corner is the perfect tool for scraping those good terps handily from the bottom ring of the jar and resembles the rounded edge of a butterknife – lending to this tool’s nickname “BittyBudda.”

The wooden handle of every Mystic Timber Blade is handcrafted of natural tropical and North American hardwoods, beveled and buffed with a non-toxic proprietary wax to a lustrous shine by artisans in the Mystic Timber Woodshop in New Jersey. No two are exactly alike. It’s the perfect accessory for any sophisticated collector to pocket and take on their journeys.